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Hamina is a harbor town of over 21,000 people, located along the Gulf of Finland. We're 150 kilometers east of Finland's capital city of Helsinki and 250 kilometers west of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russian border crossing of Vaalimaa is just 40 kilometers east of Hamina.

Our town is rich in history, dating back to 1653 when it was known as Vehkalahti. Construction of Hamina's famous star-shaped fortress was begun by Sweden in the early 1700s, built around the town which itself was laid out in a circular design. The unfinished fortress was taken over by Russia in the mid 1700s. Despite a tumultuous history that followed, including numerous fires, much of the original town survives to this day.

Modern day Hamina is home to the Finnish Army's Reserve Officer's School, the Hamina Bastion (a popular location for summer concerts) and the Port of Hamina. Our port specializes in forest products and Russian transit cargo, handling millions of tons per year.

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Hamina's town hall

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